What We Do:

“The purposes of the PCHA are to promote, advance, encourage and cultivate public and private interest in the history, archives and memoirs of Polk County North Carolina and to provide a location for the collection and preservation of Polk County artifacts.”


Who We Are:


Judy Arledge 

John Vining 

Frances Mccain 

Becky Hudson (Exp. 2019)

Alan Leonard  

Ernie Kahn 


Ted Owens vp

Pat McCool,  President

Joe Epley vp 

Francis Parker, Secretary

Joyce Goree , Treasurer

Herb Hanson, Videographer


George Comparetto, Museum Curator

James Metcalf, Chief Docent/Merchandise

Michael McCue, Art Advisor

What We've Achieved/Projects:


  • We have collected thousand of historical pictures artifacts and articles for historical preservation and education housed in our museum

  • We are constantly working with government offices, businesses civic groups, churches, and individuals answering many questions for historical research as well as presenting educational programs to promote our local history.

  • We have and are adding to a geneology library with family histories and research reference books.

  • We as an association funded and organized the move and preservation of the historic Battle of Round Mountain monument from its desolate mountain location to downtown Columbus to be enjoyed by the public.

  • Through our oral history project, we have preserved the life stories of some of oldest residents many have since been deceased.