What We Do:

“The purposes of the PCHA are to promote, advance, encourage and cultivate public and private interest in the history, archives and memoirs of Polk County North Carolina and to provide a location for the collection and preservation of Polk County artifacts.”


Who We Are:


Judy Arledge (Exp. 2017)

Clint Blanton (Exp. 2017)

Joe Epley (Exp. 2019)

Becky Hudson (Exp. 2019)

Charlene Pace (Exp. 2017)

Opal Suave (Exp. 2017)


Ted Owens, President

Pat McCool, Vice President

Marian Bryan, VP, News Editor

Francis Parker, Secretary

Carroll Mohn, Treasurer

Herb Hanson, Videographer


George Comparetto, Museum Curator

James Metcalf, Chief Docent/Merchandise

Michael McCue, Art Advisor

What We've Achieved/Projects:


  • We have collected thousand of historical pictures artifacts and articles for historical preservation and education housed in our museum

  • We are constantly working with government offices, businesses civic groups, churches, and individuals answering many questions for historical research as well as presenting educational programs to promote our local history.

  • We have and are adding to a geneology library with family histories and research reference books.

  • We as an association funded and organized the move and preservation of the historic Battle of Round Mountain monument from its desolate mountain location to downtown Columbus to be enjoyed by the public.

  • Through our oral history project, we have preserved the life stories of some of oldest residents many have since been deceased.