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PCHA Program Features The Saluda Baby Hospital

The Infants' & Children's Sanitarium (Saluda Baby Hospital) is the topic for the September 3rd PCHA program in Columbus. If you have never heard the history of Dr Lesesne Smith and how his work impacted the health of young children in South for nearly three decades, you have got to attend this program.

In a time of few opportunities for continuing education for medical doctors, Dr Lesesne Smith founded the Southern Pediatric Seminar in Saluda in 1921. His seminar was a two week summer course created specifically for the general practitioner. Lectures were given in Saluda by many of the South's leading experts.

Dr Smith's concern for children was great. This historical presentation will take place at the Polk County Museum in Columbus and will be given by one of Dr Smith's grandchildren, Nettie Sweet. She will share why and how her grandfather founded the Southern Pediatric Seminar in Saluda in 1921.

The public is invited to attend the program at no cost. The Polk County Museum is located in downtown Columbus at 60 Walker Street. The presentation will begin promptly at 2:30 pm on September 3rd.

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